In 2023, REAAA will celebrate its 50th anniversary. To commemorate its anniversary, REAAA in collaboration with PIARC hosted by IRDA and DGH Ministry of Public work and Housing Indonesia will conduct a series of activities consisting of:

1 - The 24th REAAA Young Engineers Professional (YEP) Meeting

2 - The 120th REAAA Council Meeting

3 - The 13th Heads of Road Authorities (HORA) Meeting

4 - The 10th REAAA Business Forum

5 - REAAA Golden Jubilee - 50 Years Anniversary Celebration

6 - Keynote Speakers

7 - Road Engineering Conference

9 - Technical Visit

9 - Cultural Visit

10 - National and International Exhibition

These activities are intended for local authorities, administrators, the private sector, those responsible for road traffic and safety, design engineers, design consultants, road network administrators, contractors, control and technical assistance consultants, academics, researchers, engineering students, businesses, and professionals. For more information please visit: www.aarc2023.co.id

Project Details